Monday, May 06, 2013

- Bishop Hill blog - Soviet-style democracy in Carlton House Terrace
...I think we can see how it is possible for control to be maintained over the society.
Jonathan Leake posts a copy of the ballot paper for Prince Andrew's election.
Royal Society bust-up over Andrew | The Sunday Times
Lord May, a former president, said he was dismayed by the handling of the vote. “This is not the way to run an election. A ballot where you can only say yes is a bad idea and should be changed.”
Why Not Have An Honest Discussion About Polar Ice? | Real Science
Global sea ice area has been averaging above normal this year. Antarctic sea ice has been at record highs.

From 1988 to about 2008, lots of thick multi-year ice was carried out of the Arctic by winter winds. The thinner ice caused summer Arctic ice area to melt back further than it did during the 1970s. But since 2008, the loss of multi-year ice has reversed. During the past winter, most of the thick ice moved away from the Atlantic.

If this pattern continues, Arctic alarmism will soon be a thing of the past.
The Haircut | Planet3.0
we’d be talking about a [CO2-related bad-weather-prevention?] writeoff of 300 trillion dollars

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