Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't miss this "completely absurd ballet" as award-winning climate communicator Gavin Schmidt is afraid to discuss global warming on-camera with Roy Spencer

- Bishop Hill blog - Climatology's nutcracker
I hadn't seen this video before, but I'm surprised I missed it - it's great fun - a completely absurd ballet featuring Roy Spencer and Gavin Schmidt.

The overture to the John Stossel show features a short interview with Spencer. Next up is Gavin Schmidt, but unfortunately Gavin is refusing to appear alongside Roy. Roy is therefore forced to pirouette off, stage left. Gavin enters and performs his pas de deux with Stossel, with much rolling of the eyes and bras croisé. After Gavin has pliéd and demi detournéd a little, Roy is invited to respond, but Gavin is still playing hard to get: he in turn makes a grand battement and flounces off into the wings, to be replaced by a slight amused looking Roy.


Robert Austin said...

The contrast between the two is telling. Dr. Roy exhibits class and Dr. Gavin exhibits a pronounced lack of class. I can see Schmidt avoiding an oratory powerhouse such as Monckton but to refuse to sit with a gentleman like Dr. Spencer is simply boorish.

Joe Bastardi said...

any similarities?