Wednesday, May 08, 2013

First Green President's climate hoax envoy: Hey, you know what's a good idea? Abandoning the Kyoto protocol

New emissions plan could energise global climate talks, says US envoy | Environment |
The United States' proposal to let countries draft their own emissions reduction plans rather than working toward a common target can unlock languishing UN climate negotiations, the US climate change envoy said on Tuesday.
"Countries, knowing that they will be subject to the scrutiny of everybody else, will be urged to put something down they feel they can defend and that they feel is strong," Stern said from Berlin during a summit of environmental ministers focused on ways to advance the UN climate talks.

The approach would mean abandoning the format of the Kyoto protocol, to which the United States was not a signatory, which set central goals for industrialised countries to cut emissions by 2012 and then let each work out national implementation.

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