Saturday, May 11, 2013


HADCRUT4 versus HADCRUT4 Global | sunshine hours
They are warming the most recent temperatures again! Give them a few years and the pause will disappear.
House Science Committee Chair to EPA: ‘Secret science is no way to develop credible regulations’ |
Chairman Smith: “For almost two years, Gina McCarthy has failed to live up to promises to provide Congress with the basic data that underlies this administration’s billion dollar Clean Air Act regulations. The public has been denied the opportunity to review the science that underpins alleged benefits from these regulations. Utilizing secret science is no way to develop credible regulations. I commend my Senate colleagues for drawing this critical line in the sand.”
- Bishop Hill blog - Royal Society hits the big time
The Royal Society's election of Prince Andrew to the fellowship has hit prime time TV, with a prominent mention on Have I Got News For You.
The Low Hanging Climate Pollutant : Collide-a-Scape
According to conservative estimates, one ton of black carbon causes about 600 times the warming of one ton of carbon dioxide over a period of 100 years. Unlike carbon dioxide, which stays in the atmosphere for centuries, black-carbon particles remain in the air for just a matter of weeks. So, in principle, efforts to eliminate emissions could quickly reduce the warming power of this pollutant.
Farmer claims 'no potatoes left in Northern Ireland' - Video
“Things are so cold, wet and damp, so the potatoes that are in the ground don’t want to grow,” says Limavady potato farmer. “There’s no growth at all.”

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