Monday, May 13, 2013


New Warmist Factoid: Global warming displaced 32 million from their homes in 2012 — US is 75% of developed nation displacement |
“Natural disasters forced 32.4 million people from their homes in 2012, with climate and weather hazards such as floods and storms causing 98 percent of the displacement, a report said on Monday.”
Sen. Whitehouse: No ‘nanny God’ to clean up carbon pollution for us; Suggests deniers are the root of all evil |
And then he relates a story with a nanny God.
Michael Mann goes 100% political: Attacks Virginia AG Cuccinelli, supports opponent in op-ed |
More involuntary public figure-ism, eh Mike?
GOP Senate Nominee Gomez Says Most Efforts To Combat Climate Change Are ‘Not Rational’, Invests In Fossil Fuel
Gabriel Gomez acknowledges that ”science says climate change is real.” But the Republican nominee to fill John Kerry’s open Senate seat in Massachusetts says he is unwilling to take serious steps to combat it, lest is hurt the economy in the short term.
On his campaign website, Gomez writes:
Climate change is real. However, while science says climate change is real, addressing the problem must be done rationally. Unfortunately, many solutions offered by politicians in Washington are not rational, and would put America at a competitive disadvantage.
Hansen : China Is The Most Moral Country On Earth | Real Science

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