Friday, May 24, 2013

Wait, what? After warmist Suzanne Goldenberg frets that DC weather will be too cold for a late-May outdoor pool party, warmist Seth Borenstein says "I try to swim daily outdoors year-round in heated #YMCA pool"

Twitter / borenbears: @suzyji @capitalweather Me, ...
Suzanne Goldenberg ‏@suzyji  Urgent Q for @capitalweather & other weather buffs. DC this Saturday - outdoor pool party 2pm: go ahead or cancel
[Borenstein] @suzyji @capitalweather The good news for a Saturday WDC pool party, unlikely to rain; The bad news, too chillly to swim for most people.
[Goldenberg] So.....bowling? Or hope for hardy types
[Borenstein] @suzyji @capitalweather Me, I try to swim daily outdoors year-round in heated #YMCA pool; But that's laps _ not fun; Nice day for ball games
If he cares about my grandchildren, shouldn't Borenstein be spending his swim time trying to get the heat shut off at this outdoor pool?


Adrian Vance Blog said...

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Anonymous said...


Now I wonder what that might be heated with?