Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Warmist John R. Talbott suggests that the Oklahoma tornado is a wake-up call from God

John R. Talbott, Huffington Post: Man-Made Disasters
Nobody is saying that any one weather event like a single tornado has definitely been caused by climate change, but weather patterns are shifting making extreme weather all the more commonplace.

Of course, Oklahoma is also home to its senior senator, Jim Inhofe, who is one of the biggest climate deniers in the country. Senator Inhofe often asserts his claim that climate change is a hoax and impossible because "God's still up there." He has compared the EPA to the Gestapo under Hitler. So, did God target Oklahoma because of its misdirected beliefs about climate change. No. That is what is most sad about climate change. It is indiscriminate. It impacts everybody. But, if God has sent us a wake-up call, I hope someone gets out of bed and answers the phone and they don't hit the snooze button on the alarm clock for another ten years.

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