Monday, June 10, 2013


Before Mann Made Climate Change | Real Science
Prior to the intervention of humans, the climate was stable and Chicago was buried under a mile of ice.
Twitter / bryanrwalsh: New version of @CitibikeNYC ...
New version of @CitibikeNYC fail today. Docks worked but seats on remaining bikes were broken, unadjustable
Environmental Economics: Austerity for electric cars
DOT quietly pulled [charging stations for plug-in electric cars at four interstate highway rest stops in Johnston and Alamance counties] out of the ground and trucked them to a warehouse. In their place today are four blue signs memorializing the end Feb. 28 of an “EV charging station pilot project.” ..
Ask Umbra: Can my bicycle power my toaster? | Grist
According to Begley, it takes “15 minutes of hard riding … to toast two slices of bread.”

There are two main reasons why this route might not be practical for you, Eric: First, the cost is prohibitive for most people, typically around $500-$1,000 or more. You could try your hand at building your own, but even the DIY model is estimated to start at $300. Second, it is … kind of a dumb idea. At least for your average homeowner in the developed world. We use an insane amount of power at home, a fact colorfully illustrated by the BBC when it rounded up 80 cyclists to power a family’s home for a day.
Twitter / clim8resistance: Are the @IEA the new IPCC, ...
Are the @IEA the new IPCC, @WillN_BG? Isn't it a bit odd that they've switched from energy data, to issue advocacy?

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