Thursday, June 13, 2013


BBC News - Scotland snow: Dumfries and Galloway road treatment costs neared £1m
Severe winter weather conditions pushed a council road treatment budget nearly £1m over budget, it has been revealed.
Twitter / higgis: I’m not bothering with backups ...
I’m not bothering with backups any more. If I lose any data I’m just going to submit an FOI request to the NSA.
Carbon Offset Projects Look for Exit As UN Prices Crash 98% - Businessweek
A 98-percent drop in the value of official UN-backed carbon credits is pushing sellers of emission offsets into the voluntary market, where prices are as much as 30 times higher.
Harsh winter hits honey bees: Number of colonies who did not survive up by a third | Mail Online
A third of honeybee colonies did not survive the winter following last year’s wash-out summer, a survey of beekeepers has revealed.
SADAR: Climate-change hype turns 25 - Washington Times
Shoddy science guided by overheated activism stands exposed
Cold Weather Super Bowl Means Sled Rides
The biggest drawback to the upcoming Super Bowl in New York Jersey is the inevitable bellyaching of sportswriters denied their annual vacation to a warm weather destination in the middle of winter. I’d wager most of them are rooting for the event to be a disaster just so no city other than Miami, San Diego, Phoenix or New Orleans ever gets hosting rights ever again

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