Sunday, June 09, 2013


More climate models FAIL – A chink in the armor at Science? | Watts Up With That?
Clouds and water are central to our global atmospheric processes, and clearly, these models aren’t doing much better than dartboards at figuring out what the real atmospheric score is.
TCI charity more than doubles climate-change giving
The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the £2.1bn UK-based children’s charity run by Jamie Cooper-Hohn, wife of hedge fund manager Chris Hohn, more than doubled its investments in climate change last year to £20.5m, according to its latest financial statements filed with Companies House.
Cold weather hampers availability of fresh produce at St. Paul farmers' markets -
Weeks of rain and cold have thrown the familiar rhythms out of whack. It snowed in May. June has been rainy. And Sunday was so chilly, many visitors to the St. Paul Farmers' Market were bundled up in November gear.
Reader Quiz : Lysenkoism vs. Hansenism | Real Science
Whose theory will eventually kill more people through bad policy and suppression of good science?

James Hansen
Trofim Lysenko

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