Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We're saved! Innumerate women attempt to reduce CO2-induced bad weather

How to recruit one million women for a good cause
Recipe For Change – a weekend of nationwide chit-chat about how women can be more environmentally friendly – is run by Isaacs' charity, 1 Million Women (1MW). Its mission is to recruit 1 million women to cut 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Any woman who registers commits to cutting one tonne of CO2 within a year of joining the movement, and she can track progress online.

There are currently 77, 000 women registered.
Now, she has some high-profile ambassadors committed to the cause: MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin, surfing royalty Layne Beachley, Terry and Bindi Irwin, Play School alumnus Noni Hazlehurst, and Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry. Country singer Melinda Schneider's song Courageous is the campaign's theme song.  [Far be it from me to be critical, but since when are these "high-profile" people?]   [Via MT]
Carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the natural decay of organic material in forests and grasslands and the action of forest fires results in the release of about 439 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide every year


Anonymous said...

>since when are these "high-profile" people?

We in little NZ have a saying taken from a local mineral water drink Ad catch-line (Lemon and Paeroa) that we apply to these situations:

"World Famous in New Zealand"

This could be adapted for Australian personalities perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Do you know the definition of "innu