Thursday, July 04, 2013

Barking madness from New York nurses union: CO2 is allegedly "endangering the future of our children"; CO2 caused Sandy and the Oklahoma tornadoes; Keystone Pipeline will cause "irreversible damage to our ... current way of life"

Far be it from me to be sarcastic, but could a few of you nurses live for the next year without utilizing any transportation, home utilities, food, clothing, or technology that has been made available via fossil fuels?  I'd like a detailed report on the improvements in your health and happiness over the course of that year.  Thanks in advance!

NY Nurses say President Obama must reject Keystone Pipeline due to its impact on emissions levels and Public Health | Press Releases | NYS Nurses Association
NEW YORK — Nurses care for patients every day who struggle with health crises aggravated by environmental pollution. Fossil fuel use and climate change are making people sick and endangering the future for our children. That is why the New York State Nurses Association opposes the Keystone XL pipeline.
...The verdict is in — the Keystone XL pipeline will irrevocably escalate carbon emissions and cause irreversible damage to our health, agriculture, and current way of life.
As nurses, we saw the terrible impact of Superstorm Sandy first-hand. We were on the frontline of disaster relief – in our hospitals and in communities damaged by the storm, including the Rockaways, Red Hook, Coney Island, and Staten Island.
If we don't take action to stop climate change now, we are going to see more storms like Sandy, and more tornadoes like the deadly ones in Oklahoma.
The New York State Nurses Association is the voice for over a hundred thousand frontline nurses. We are New York’s largest union and professional association for registered nurses.
[Hey nurses:  If CO2 caused Sandy, what caused all these major hurricanes in the 1950s?] | NewsBusters
[Bastardi] In the 1950s, from 1954 to 1960s, ten major hurricanes ran the Eastern Seaboard, six hit the Carolinas northward in two years, in '54, '55, including Connie and Diane, which caused unbelievable flooding in 1955. Hurricane Carol, 1954, 15 feet of water up Naraganset Bay. The 1938 hurricane, which had 186 mile an hour winds gusts at Blue Hill, Massachusetts, blew down two billion trees, caused a 50-foot surge of water across Long Island. If that storm had been 60 miles further west with the landfall at the battery, there would have been 20 feet of water into New York City.

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