Saturday, July 20, 2013

CO2-induced crop failure update: Production at each of the four top corn exporters (US, Argentina, Brazil, and Ukraine) may hit an all-time record this year

Forecast for Huge Harvest Weighs On Corn Futures -
IT'S NOT JUST THE U.S. where production is likely to surge this year. Both Argentina and Brazil—expected to be the world's second- and third-biggest corn exporters in the next crop year, behind the U.S.—produced record harvests this year, the USDA estimates. Argentina's corn harvest rose 26% on the year to 1.04 billion bushels, and Brazil's rose 5% to 3.03 billion bushels, according to the USDA. And production in Ukraine, the fourth-biggest exporter, is expected to rise 24% to a record 1.02 billion bushels in the next crop year.

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