Friday, July 05, 2013

League of Conservation Voters guy: If you don't believe that CO2 causes bad weather, it means that you don't believe in science

LCV: Climate change will hurt GOP appeal to young voters - The Hill's Ballot Box
[Navin Nayak, the League of Conservation Voters' senior vice president of campaigns]  "...I think there's a generation of young voters and even suburban moms that look at a Republican leadership right now that doesn't believe in science, and is increasingly wondering, 'Why would I ever support candidates who don't believe in science or are making decisions based solely on their ties to oil companies?'" he said.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please, I am a conservative and know science...our job is not to cater to lies about global warming. Young people are more worried about jobs right now; and have heard enough to doubt Albert Gore; and those that are left will vote Democrat no matter what....