Monday, July 22, 2013


The Arctic Could Be Ice Free By 2012, Er No, 2020, Er No, 2058 That’s Right | Tory Aardvark
The Greens and warming alarmists have an unenviable record of never being right with their predictions, to date not one Green prediction of doom and gloom has come pass.

As each prediction fails so the date for the next Armageddon is pushed back further into the future, Green fingers are crossed that this time they will be correct and millions of people will die, and they will have been vindicated.
Death rattle for the carbon tax  | Goulburn Post
BOTH the Labor and Liberal Parties will spend $3.8 billion on household assistance packages while simultaneously scrapping the carbon tax, which was initially conceived to pay for them.
And now: The Thomas Friedman/Sharnkado/Carbon Tax column
The waterspouts bearing down upon Los Angeles offer all the rebuttal required for the deniers. The sharks descending upon the Southern California coastline - driven north by the warming trends that were all the buzz at Doha - became the perfect allegory to the dangers facing us as they were lifted up by the twisters and hurtled onto the city. Motorists caught on flooding freeways - their legs gnawed off, their arms turned into marine appetizers - recoiled at the horror of sharks today, and can now be made to understand that the climate change future is even more frightening.
Chile experiences coldest day of 2013
Record low temperatures hit Chile with many parts of Santiago experiencing temperatures below freezing Monday as fresh snow falls in the Andes.

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