Thursday, July 25, 2013


Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist | Environment |
["renowned" Arctic "expert" Prof Peter Wadhams] Given present trends in extent and thickness, the ice in September will be gone in a very short while, perhaps by 2015. In subsequent years, the ice-free window will widen, to 2-3 months, then 4-5 months etc, and the trends suggest that within 20 years time we may have six ice-free months per year.
Twitter / Foxgoose: Leaked private forum shows ...
Leaked private forum shows how the "peer-reviewed" 97% Cook et al paper was just pre-planned activist spin.
jo abbess (joabbess) on Twitter
Energy, water and climate are social goods that should be publicly owned - but not priced.
Twitter / justintempler: Unable to support their global ...
Unable to support their global warming alarmism, the dogmatic take refuge from reality behind their block buttons.
Twitter / justintempler: Rush Holt wants you to vote ...
Rush Holt wants you to vote for him, but won't let you comment or vote on his YouTube videos via
European investment bank to stop financing coal-fired power plants | Environment |
According to some observers at the meeting, Germany's director on the EIB board, which is made up representatives of EU member states and the European commission, had urged that the bank should continue to finance coal-fired projects but was outnumbered.

Germany relies on coal and lignite for around 45% of its power generation

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