Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Environmental Fraud Alert | Power Line
It is often said that politicians require a steady stream of crises from which they can purport to save us. In that dynamic, environmentalists have come to play an important role. Rachel Carson and Paul Ehrlich were among the pioneers, and the model they established hasn’t changed much. Environmentalists issue hysterical warnings about disasters that threaten to overtake us, and the remedy is always the same: we must turn over more money, more power, and more of our freedom to the government. Some of the environmentalist doom-mongers are misguided but sincere, while others are outright frauds.
...It’s really fun to rip the alarmists apart, but count on it: No matter how bad Emmott’s work is, it will be widely cited on left-wing web sites, he will be interviewed admiringly on television and radio, legislation may even be predicated on his flimsy “science.” And he will make a lot of money on his book. Thus does the machinery of leftism grind on. They don’t need quality, they only need persistence. Because, never forget: they are not trying to fool the smart, they are trying to fool the stupid, a much easier task.
Exxon Funding...? Nope, Never Got The Check
It’s almost funny to watch. The radical left “Progressives” see our Agenda 21 and Global Warming victories over their well-orchestrated Average Americanplans to restructure America, and they just can’t understand how it’s happening. Their only theory is that there must be some massive source of secret money driving us. We couldn’t possibly be a true grassroots movement, doing this on our own.
Rowers Are Blocked By Ice | Real Science
This animation shows why the rowers are pretending they are stuck in a storm. Over the weekend, ice blew on shore and blocked their route into the Canadian Archipelago.
The last thing these people are allowed to do is tell the truth about ice conditions.

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