Sunday, July 21, 2013


Twitter / RichardTol: John Cook has refused for 51 ...
John Cook has refused for 51 days to cooperate with a request for data to replicate his results on consensus on causes of climate change.
Twitter / RichardTol: Paul Hardaker heads the IoP, ...
Paul Hardaker heads the IoP, the publisher of Cook's consensus paper
Dem Virginia guv candidate: Asking for Michael Mann e-mails is ‘mean-spirited hatefulness’ |
There are consequences to mean-spirited hatefulness,” McAuliffe said, citing Cuccinelli’s legal actions against a University of Virginia climate-change researcher...
Hypocrites vs. climate change - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
But the villain to be controlled is demand not supply. If we are generating too much of our energy from fossil fuel, the fault doesn't lie with the companies that produce the cheap energy we want. The fault lies with our wants. In other words, if the UCC is serious about the reduction of "our" carbon footprint, its toughest measures should be aimed at its members.

For example, a brief consideration of economics might lead the UCC to begin charging parishioners to use the parking lots at their churches, or perhaps eliminating the lots. This would force members to arrange car pools or use public transportation to attend Sunday services as well as midweek activities: splendid methods for reducing the demand for fossil fuels.
...But once we get supply and demand straight, the coal miner is a lot less "responsible" for greenhouse gases than the suburban family that crowds into the SUV to attend Sunday services.
Stephen L. Carter, an author and professor of law at Yale University, is a columnist for Bloomberg News.

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