Monday, July 22, 2013


Ice-free Arctic pinpointed 40 years ahead | Climate News Network
The melting of the Arctic icecap has become so fast and so certain that researchers can now confidently predict when the ocean will become ice-free, to within four years.
PolitiFact Rhode Island | Al Gore says ocean acidity levels haven't been this high for many millions of years
Former Vice President Al Gore said the ocean today "is much more acidic, more than it has been for many millions of years."

It's clear that the ocean is more acidic than it was before the Industrial Revolution. It's also clear that many millions of years ago it was much more acidic.
Coffee Rises on Threat of Frost Damage in Brazil; Sugar Advances - Businessweek
Coffee futures gained on new forecasts for cold weather that may bring frost damage to crops in Brazil, the world’s largest producer.
Twitter / enviroblack: Had to laugh at @DECCgovuk's ...
Had to laugh at 's line in story - plants will be stuffed by 'escalating carbon price'

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