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If There Was No CO2, How Much Would The Tropics Cool? | Real Science
In the tropics CO2 is only responsible for 1.5% of the greenhouse effect, and water vapor is responsible for almost all of the other 98.5%.

But it is worse than it seems. Almost all of CO2′s contribution is in the first 30 PPM. Additional man-made CO2 has essentially no effect on the energy balance in the tropics.

Satellite temperatures show that there has been almost no warming in the tropics.
Articles: Mann vs. Steyn: Heresy Shall Be Crushed
For all the progressive outcry in defense of Mann, his defenders (including, apparently, Judge Combs Greene) seem to have no problem with the smear of all who question the climate change pseudo-orthodoxy as "flat-earthers," "anti-science," "extremists," and "lackeys of big oil." What about the thousands of legitimate, accredited scientists who believe anthropogenic global warming is untenable, including even some (well-buried) dissenters within the UN's IPCC itself? If a court can decide that Mann's research "and conclusions" have been sufficiently vindicated as to be judged provably "sound" -- that is, sound enough to be regarded as legally unassailable -- then what does this imply about the research and results of all those who believe they are proving Mann's conclusions false? The implication is clear enough: anthropogenic global warming is one area of truth-seeking that is no longer merely "settled science" (whatever that means), but is now settled law. It is now, apparently, legally dangerous to question this theory, unless one prefaces one's questions with the proviso that the research supporting the theory was conducted with the purest scientific heart, and that its conclusions are sound. Meanwhile, again, the same proviso need not be proffered when ripping up the research, opinions, and character of the "flat-earthers."
- Bishop Hill blog - The Lords do battle
After the House of Lords debate on the Energy Bill, Lord Deben wrote to a group of peers attacking the statements made by Matt Ridley in the debate. The letter and the ensuing correspondence was as follows

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