Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Twitter / stuartcollins: So people have traveled from ...
So people have traveled from all over to join climatereality. Where they're from @ McCormick…
July 24 Miracle Saved The Rowers | Real Science
Some mysterious force pulled the rowers 30 km into a headwind on July 24 with the GPS off, and no discussion from the rowers. Had the hand of Gaia not pulled their boat along, their expedition would be over.

Another expedition which was not blessed by the hand of Gaia, has given up because of the ice.
Climatesense-norpag: Skillful ( so far ) Thirty year Climate Forecast - 3 year Update and Latest Cooling Estimate.
A past record of successful forecasting such as indicated above is a useful but not infallible measure. In this case I am reasonably sure - say 65/35 for about 20 years ahead. Beyond that certainty drops rapidly.I am sure,however, that it will prove closer to reality than anything put out by the IPCC, Met Office or the NASA group.
Twitter / psalinger: Funny to me to get handed so ...
Funny to me to get handed so much paper at a sustainability event [Al Gore Climate Hoax Training]. No mobile app or digital for this stuff?? #CRinCHI

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