Tuesday, July 09, 2013

More barking madness endorsed by the Obama administration?: If our hospitals spend more money and time trying to emit less carbon dioxide "they can actually help keep people out of the emergency room"

Climate Change Is a Health Hazard: How Obama Is Using Healthcare To Make People Care About Climate Change - ABC News
the White House bestowed what they've dubbed the "Champions of Change" award on 11 people they say are "protecting public health in a changing climate" on Tuesday morning.
Doctor Linda Rudolph, head of the Center for Climate Change and Health at the Public Health Institute, said during the panel that "climate change is the greatest global health challenge of our time."

So what can people do about it?

Hospitals and healthcare providers should play a big role, experts say. Hospitals themselves are actually big producers of waste. They use lots of fossil fuels and their attention has been focused on helping people, not the environment.

They need instead to recognize that by shifting some focus to their environmental impact, they can actually help keep people out of the emergency room. By reducing waste output, they can combat things like allergies and asthma, panelists said.

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timg56 said...

This is insane. This woman needs to spend the next year cleaning bedpans. Maybe that will get her head straight. At a minimum it might give her pause to think before saying something as idiotic as saying hospitals need to focus more on the environment and not the people who utilize them. That is almost obscene in its disreagard for life.