Thursday, July 18, 2013

More tweets from today's Senate hearing: "25 years after Jim Hansen birthed warmism in Senate hearing, skeptics all but stomped warmism to death in Senate hearing"

Steve Milloy (JunkScience) on Twitter
25 years after Jim Hansen birthed warmism in Senate hearing, skeptics all but stomped warmism to death in Senate hearing.
In closing hearing statement, Whitehouse defends warmism by saying NASA is driving a vehicle on Mars.
Spencer: Today's record high for Wash DC was 103 -- set in 1887!
Spencer: Makes no sense to blame all present warming on CO2.
Where are the warmists? Senate hearing a disaster for warmism. Warmist tweeters have vanished.
Roy Spencer: Models amplify warming by 2x because of mishandled water vapor.
Righteous: Roy Spencer turns tables... asks Sen. Whitehouse to explain model failure.
Sen. Sessions & Roy Spencer absolutely burying climate models.
Sen. Whitehouse now trying to explain why models failed to predict non-warming of past 15 years.
Roy Spencer wrecks Sen. Whitehouse's attempted climate model ambush. Then warmist witness admits models can't even replicate past climate.
Attempted ridicule: Sen. Whitehouse asks Roy Spencer about scientific basis of creationism vs. evolution. Spencer knocks it out of park.
Warmist witness: Can't look at national averages for extreme weather, gotta look at what works for warmism (right now regional weather).
Sen. Whitehouse admits it's reasonable to debate climate models.
Pielke Jr: It will take many decades and even centuries before we could attribute hurricanes to manmade climate change.
Spencer: 'As lead scientist on NASA satellites that monitor sea ice, sea ice is increasing.'
Spencer: 'All skeptics are part of 97% consensus... what the consensus believes is innocuous... sensitivity is where opinions differs'
Spencer: Climate system 'relatively insensitive to CO2.'
Roy Spencer: 'Yes it is unusually warm today... just like it was 1,000 and 6,000 years ago... but those obviously weren't our fault.'
@RogerPielkeJr demolishes extreme weather claims at Senate hearing.
Warmist: We've added CO2 so fast, the atmospheric temperature hasn't had time to catch up. So how many years does it need?
Dem witness: Without global warming, storm surges apparently wouldn't be a problem for low-lying areas.
@suzyji The hearing is not going well for warmists is it, Suzi?
Sen. Wicker hits alarmists witnesses for making CO2 sound "sinister," like "carbon pollution" and "carbon dumping"
Democrat Sen. Hirona abandons argument over cause of extreme weather.
Sen. Deb Fischer asks if social cost of carbon is being manipulated so EPA regs pass cost-benefit test. IER economist says yes.
Heidi Cullen says increase "mean global temperature" -- which occurs nowhere -- is changing weather.
Bizarre: Maryland Sen. Cardin cites 104-deg heat index in Baltimore today as evidence of global warming.
Sen. Sessions shows Roy Spencer's devastating graph debunking climate models -- their "epic fail."
Sen. Sessions devastates warmist witnesses on hurricanes and tornados.
Heidi Cullen: Don't look at nation as an average -- look at regional changes. So no global warming -- regional warming!
Heidi Cullen: Claims 73% increase in downpours in Northeast since 1950s. @BigJoeBastardi
Heidi Cullen: It's warming quickly and it will warm even quicker -- but don't pay attention to past 15 years.
Classy: Boxer attacks GOP witnesses as funded by ExxonMobil, Kochs... likens them to tobacco company scientists.
IER Economist: Social cost of carbon is not objective. Generated by futuristic computer simulations.
Institute for Energy Research economist: Social cost of carbon is arbitrary and not appropriate for public policy.
Manhattan Inst. economist: Many less economically harmful measures than U.S. carbon cuts -- 4 those worried about warming.
Heidi Cullen misleads Senate panel: Claims 'Climate Central takes no public policy positions.'

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