Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Government-Gamed Markets and Subsidies Give Tesla Another 'Profitable' Quarter | National Legal and Policy Center
If you can swallow all that government market distortion, taxpayer largess and books-cooking, Tesla’s Model S is finally taking off!
Tory party receives donation from firm that got wind turbine grant | Politics | The Guardian
The Conservatives have been given almost £140,000 by a company that last year won a government grant to help it build a wind turbine part factory.
White House Climate Change Comments Show Ideological Intolerance - Investors.com
Politics: President Obama paints skeptics of global warming as crackpots, while his cabinet threatens the job of anyone who doesn't toe the same phony orthodoxy. This is emblematic of a political, not a scientific, agenda.

It's truly sad that a sitting U.S. president would "tweet" something as fatuous as the following: "Gravity Exists. The Earth Is Round. Climate Change Is Happening." But President Obama did.
OFA: “Climate change is real — #ScienceSaysSo.” Got it. « Hot Air
The president still talks about climate change like it’s 2002, but that’s not a great reason to rush headlong into economy-damaging regulations when a robust free market is the single biggest driver of the innovations and efficiencies for which the climate-hysteria statists claim that they’re searching.
Four Hiroshima bombs a second: how we imagine climate change
But the problem with global warming is that with that much heat going into the oceans, every day is Judgement Day.

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