Monday, August 12, 2013


Economy Top Issue for Voters as Climate Change Falls
[Australia] just 5.6 per cent nominated concerns about global warming as their number one issue, down by half since last year.
▶ Interior Secretary Sally Jewell: I hope there are no climate change deniers here - YouTube

Twitter / whpresscorps: Obama tweets about Climate ...
Obama tweets about Climate Change after having First Dog Bo flown to Martha's Vineyard on an Osprey MV-22 helicopter
MSNBC Chris Hayes documentary “The Politics of Power” | Variety
MSNBC will air “The Politics of Power” on Aug. 16, a documentary devoted to the subject of climate change. Yet the editorial approach of this Chris Hayes-hosted hour continues an all-too-common trend of cable news preaching to the choir, where not a single dissenting voice is incorporated in any serious way.

Now, one can argue there is no such thing, scientifically speaking, as a credible “dissenting voice” on the subject of climate change — an assertion, just to set my cards on the table, on which I would agree.
LCV Launches Nearly $2 Million Nationwide Ad Campaign Holding Climate Change Deniers Accountable
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today launched a nearly $2 million nationwide television ad campaign holding members of Congress accountable for their denial of climate change and extreme voting records. The ads, which target Senator Ron Johnson and Representatives Rodney Davis, Dan Benishek and Mike Coffman, will begin running this week across their districts.

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