Monday, August 05, 2013

“you can fight global warming by having a PB&J for lunch": Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein continues to endorse insanity

Could a test-tube burger save the planet?
The most expensive burger ever made was served in London today. It cost more than $300,000 — thanks, Google’s Sergey Brin — and didn’t taste very good. But the texture was right, and it saved a cow. Maybe one day it can save the Earth.

That’s the real play behind the test-tube burgers. The hope, according to Dutch scientist Mark Post, who led the team, is that they can eventually help stop global warming.
...Meat is simply a huge, huge contributor to climate change...Telling people to give up burgers doesn’t poll well. Ben Adler, an urban policy writer, explored that in a December 2008 article for the American Prospect. He called environmental groups and asked them for their policy on meat consumption. “The Sierra Club isn’t opposed to eating meat,” was the clipped reply from a Sierra Club spokesman. “So that’s sort of the long and short of it.”
...That is the whole point behind the cheery PB&J Campaign, which reminds that “you can fight global warming by having a PB&J for lunch.” Given that PB&J is delicious, it’s not the world’s most onerous commitment.


Anonymous said...

Where’s the Beef.
I am sure this would have sprung to many minds.

Brian G Valentine said...

Anything is better than the shit sandwiches the Washington Post offers as daily "fare"

DennisA said...

A whole cow and they only got one burger?