Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guardian on "fraught" IPCC negotiations: Scientists "wrangle"; "progress had been patchy and slow"

IPCC climate report: last-minute Stockholm talks make slow progress | Environment |
Fraught negotiations over a landmark review of the world's knowledge of climate change were making slow progress on Thursday with just hours to go before the early Friday deadline.

The negotiations are likely to go on all through the night, as countries and scientists wrangle over how to assess the global threat from greenhouse gas emissions.
But people involved with the talks privately told the Guardian that progress had been patchy and slow as delegates debate over the precise wording of the 50-plus page summary.

...The fifth assessment report, called AR5 in the jargon, will come in three parts. Friday brings the summary of the first part – on the physical basis of climate science – and on 30 September, the full report behind this summary will be available in an unedited form. It will not be fully edited and published online until January 2014, and printed later next year.

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Typo- Fraught should be fraud.