Monday, September 23, 2013


Another Green Crash Landing: Norway Buries CCS Project | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Norway buries CCS project - “one of the ugliest political crash landings we have ever seen.”
IPCC press release - pr_130923_opening_ceremony.pdf
“Our assessment draws on millions of measurements which permit an unprecedented and unbiased view of the state of the Earth System . Millions of billions of bytes of numerical data form the foundation for estimates of possible futures of our climate. We have produced a Summary for Policymakers that presents the findings in the clearest possible manner, a document with no comp romises to scientific accuracy. ” said Thomas Stocker, the other Co-Chair of Working Group I."
Antarctica Sea Ice Extent All-Time Record Maximum on Sept 22 2013 | sunshine hours
Antarctica Sea Ice Extent set another all-time record of 19.51394 million sq km on Sept 22 2013.
The ABC hands over its studios to another green extremist | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Note the complete absence of any fact-checking of Suzuki or the slightest scepticism of his doom-mongering. Naturally, the failure of the planet to warm over the past 15 years is not mentioned, either. Suzuki just goes on his standard far-Left rant

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