Wednesday, September 04, 2013


The Reference Frame: Likely: latest Atlantic hurricane-free date at least since 1941
Whenever it becomes indisputable that the data have falsified a particular prediction of their "dangerous climate change" framework – and be almost sure that the data ultimately rule out every single one of them – they just switch to something else in which the data aren't sufficiently detailed which is why sufficiently spun, cherry-picked anecdotes may be temporarily used to replace the data. This approach is unscientific and despicable.
No Prisoners: Comrade Naomi Klein blames ‘elitist’ enviros for failure to achieve emissions cuts |
[Klein] The green groups are not nearly as clever as they believe themselves to be. They got played on a spectacular scale. Many of their partners had one foot in US CAP [Climate Action Partnership] and the other in the US Chamber of Commerce. They were hedging their bets. And when it looked like they could get away with no legislation, they dumped US CAP completely.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: When PDO cold, average la ...
When PDO cold, average la nina lasts 21 months, el nino only 9. Enso part of PDO package! How this is now being "discovered" beyond me
Warmist says skeptic views shouldn’t be published |
Former Grist writer and marine biologist Stephen Hale writes in the Providence Journal

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