Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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.@kuminaidoo at VU Amsterdam: Science is clear: we have to leave at least 3/4 of known fossil fuels in the ground.
Why is Antarctic sea ice expanding? | Grist
as continental ice and icebergs melt, they may be lowering ocean temperatures, helping the layer of ice form on the sea’s frigid surface.

Willians also points out that it actually isn’t even clear whether the total amount of Antarctic sea ice is expanding. Researchers don’t know how think the layer of ice is or how much volume it holds. At least for now, scientists can only reliably measure its surface area.
Gore, Browner, Van Jones, and Tom Steyer Speak on Climate Policy at Center for American Progress Conference
Finally, Gore claimed that at least two billion people now have access to electricity produced by renewable sources at rates below the grid average. If true, then why are so few people buying it?

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Anthony Watts suggested Twitter was one way to go; I quite agreed, and have now responded to the twitter in this set of links.