Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Implications for climate models of their disagreement with observations | Climate Etc.
The argument is then made that climate models were really designed as research tools, to explore and understand climate processes. Well, we have long reached the point of diminishing returns from climate models in terms of actually understanding how the climate system works; not just limited by the deficiencies of climate models themselves, but also by the fact that the models are very expensive computationally and not user friendly.
If the discrepancy between climate model projections and observations continues to grow, will the gig be up in terms of the huge amounts of funding spent on general circulation/earth system models?
Higher emissions target in line with science: council | Business Spectator
International action, particularly from the US and China is moving faster than was expected just a few years ago
Arctic Sunrise: Inside Greenpeace Crew's Jail
Several of the group have said they are struggling with the cold in their cells and requested warm clothes.
But when confronted about conditions inside, the head of the detention centre told Sky News British prisons were "soft".
They have already sent in portable water heaters so they can boil water in their cells.
"Cold is a problem for some of the people I know," he said.
"They were asking to have a hat so they can sleep with the hat on, and to have gloves so they can sleep in them."

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