Thursday, October 03, 2013


Lost in the Denialosphere: Climate Change, Obamacare, and the Repeal of Reality : The New Yorker
[Warmist Elizabeth Kolbert] The goal of organizations like the N.I.P.C.C., it seems, is not to convince anyone that the science of global warming is faulty—their tactics are way too amateurish for that—but, rather, to provide cover for those already predisposed to prefer fairy tales over facts. This group turns out to be not only numerous but, as recent events have demonstrated, also quite powerful.
Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities in the New Communication Climate -
[Revkin] Just a decade ago, for a given issue, research was undertaken, papers written, press releases prepared, and a related story composed by a reasonably trained science reporter.
...Disclosure note | The Asahi Corporation covered my travel costs and provided a modest honorarium.

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susan said...

The Asahi Corp. in 2010 sponsored a $550,600. award given to James Hansen for extending "scientific findings into the realm of public policy."