Friday, October 25, 2013


Climate regulations could cost fossil-fuel firms trillions. Should they be worried?
And the American Petroleum Institute has already dismissed the effort, with the group's chief economist telling Inside Climate News, "This is either delusion or wishful thinking on the part of some folks who just don’t like fossil fuels."
A ‘spoonful’ of carbon tax will reduce the earth’s ‘fever’ | Troy Media
The planet is seriously ill and the “disease” can be traced back to fossil fuels
Quark Soup by David Appell: Singer: I Don't Like Saying They're Fraudulent, But...
When historians of the year 2200 write the history of climate change, is anyone going to come out worse than Fred Singer?
Twitter / AndrewDessler: .@chriscmooney Loved your podcast ...
.@chriscmooney Loved your podcast with Lewandowsky and Kahan. As a climate scientist, their research definitely helps me communicate.

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