Friday, October 25, 2013


Global warming helps Greenland snag its first big mining contract - World News Report
The company plans to build the mining site in three years with up to 3,000 workers, the equivalent of more than five percent of Greenland’s population of 56,000.
Australia PM Tony Abbott: Climate Change-Wildfire Connection Is 'Complete Hogwash'
"That is complete hogwash," Prime Minister Tony Abbott told News Corp. Australian newspapers in an interview published on Friday.
Unless the Conservatives come clean about the energy mess they created, they will never deserve our vote – Telegraph Blogs
consider the 2008 Climate Change Act, against which only five MPs voted against. The rest – including David Cameron – were apparently all for introducing the most expensive and pointless legislation in British parliamentary history, guaranteed to cost the taxpayer £18.3 billion a year in needless expenditure (on dubious technologies like carbon capture; and, of course, on wind turbines) till 2050. Yes Ed Miliband may ushered it in as Secretary of State for Energy And Climate Change. But it's not as if anyone on the Conservative benches – save Peter Lilley, Christopher Chope and Andrew Tyrie – opposed it.

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