Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Chasing Ice! | Climate Etc.
I have argued that the argument put forward by Balog in Chasing Ice is misleading, leading the audience to infer dangerous anthropogenic climate change from this iceberg calving event. If we judge this by the standards of ethical framing of the climate debate, I would say that this movie falls pretty short.
Mystery of the 'Missing' Global Warming - Bloomberg
“The planet is warming,” said Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and a reviewer for the IPCC report. “The warmth just isn’t being manifested at the surface.”
Why climate activists should get over their preoccupation with pipelines | Grist
We need those using the “game over” rhetoric to lay out the climate crisis’s root causes — because just as one project is not the end of humanity, stopping one project will not stop runaway climate change.

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