Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hempleman-Adams: "the Arctic is the canary in the mine"
“This morning it took me three hours to go where I live in Chippenham to London. Three hours. I thought, ‘I’m wasting my time in a damn car.’”
Frost bites Victorian and New South Wales farms - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Severe and widespread frost has ruined hundred of thousands of hectares of crop across New South Wales and Victoria, costing producers millions of dollars.
Record grain harvest clogs west coast export terminals
"The situation this year is unprecedented," said Wade Sobkowich, executive director of the Winnipeg-based Western Grain Elevators Association.
Terence Corcoran: Carbon pricing an idea that just won’t die | Financial Post
It’s an idea that just won’t die, even when it’s dead. Carbon pricing, sometimes called a carbon tax, is a price and tax mechanism beloved by economists, lip-synched by politicians, championed by environmentalists and abstractly endorsed by industry. One problem: Voters and taxpayers have so far demonstrated an unwillingness to support such taxes, making the concept more of a hot policy potato than a clearly defined platform item.

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