Monday, October 28, 2013


Greens leader Christine Milne tells ABC seven global warming porkies.  ABC corrects none | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Once again, the ABC gives the platform to a warming alarmist and does not challenge a single false claim on the “science”.
Lancaster Sound – a rarely-mentioned region with a large polar bear population | polarbearscience
while the large Lancaster Sound polar bear population was recently classified as having a “declining” trend by the PBSG and a “high risk” of decline over the next 10 years, this assessment was based on concerns of over-harvest, not sea ice declines blamed on global warming. In fact, changes in sea ice cover and/or breakup dates were not even mentioned in the PBSG evaluation for Lancaster Sound.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: UN climate chief says to disregard the IPCC's carbon budget; too 'politically difficult' & 'presumes no advance in technology'
...also tells developing nations seeking compensation for climate change to get lost

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