Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Obama climate change hoax envoy Todd Stern: "The pace of [CO2-induced] change is accelerating", but we're really not into any sort of "rigid" global agreement

The Shape of a New International Climate Agreement
We are, of course, well past the time of doubting that our climate is changing, that it is changing rapidly, and that the pace of change is accelerating. We can see that climate impacts are already large, are very likely to increase significantly, and have the potential to be fundamentally disruptive to our world and the world of our children and grandchildren.
In the United States, President Obama has put his shoulder to the wheel with his new Climate Action Plan, which builds on aggressive measures from the past few years...For such an agreement, a rigid approach is the enemy...we need to focus much more on the real power of creating norms and expectations as distinguished from rigid rules
...Again, rigidity is a potential roadblock...Insisting that only one way can work, such as an agreement that is internationally legally binding in all respects, could put that prize out of reach.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like he wants to appease the alarmists with sentiment while obligating the US to no real action or definitive goals. Perhaps it is logical that phantom problems deserve phantom solutions.