Friday, November 01, 2013


White House Will Focus on Climate Shifts While Trying to Cut Greenhouse Gases -
The White House is expected to take new steps on Friday to help society adapt to global warming, an acknowledgment that worldwide efforts to control emissions will be inadequate to head off big climatic shifts.
The scramble for the Arctic and the dangers of Russia’s race for oil | Daily Maverick
Naidoo denies emphatically allegations that Greenpeace life rafts tried to ram the Russian coastguard boats.

“Absolutely not, the crews are fully trained and experienced. But manoeuvering in Arctic swells is hazardous. We have never endangered lives or property..."


Anonymous said...

Does Naidoo claim his pirates were taking sandwiches to the Russian crews?

Whether they rammed or not is hardly relevant.

Betapug said...

You can watch Kumi's peaceful "lifeboats" (with the bow reinforcements) here: I note they are twice the size of the Russian boats and one is obviously a fast inboard.

Betapug said...

Judge for yourself
Greenpeace "lifeboats" have reinforced bows and big engines!