Monday, November 25, 2013


Body found in car park 'died from the cold' -
Last December a homeless man in his 30s was found dead in the doorway of a shop after a night of severe cold.
Cold Stunned Sea Turtle Found Dead on Shelter Island - Around Town - North Fork, NY Patch
the exposure to the wind chill throughout the night brought the turtle’s internal temperature to below 37 degrees Fahrenheit
At least 3 dead in freezing weather-related Texas Panhandle wreck on Interstate 40 - Daily Journal
SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas — Freezing rain and cold, wet weather contributed to several traffic accidents Saturday, including a tour bus hauling singer Willie Nelson's band, during wintry conditions in parts of Texas.
Poor Countries Need Relief From Climate Change. They Need Electricity More - Businessweek
Should some of the poorest, least-electrified countries in the world be denied the immense economic and health benefits of electrification in the name of reducing greenhouse emissions worldwide?

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