Sunday, November 03, 2013


Scientists increasingly moving to global cooling consensus - Finance Post
Evidence of solar activity affecting climate appeared on Mars, when a probe revealed that the planet’s icepack was also experiencing global warming and receding.
Global warming 'pause' may last for 20 more years and Arctic sea ice has already started to recover | Mail Online
[David Rose] Study says warmer temperatures are largely due to natural 300-year cycles
Fox's Tucker Carlson Responds To Obama’s Climate Change Order With Denialism (Video)
“The truth is the climate hasn’t risen, temperatures have not risen in the past several years, they have gone down," said Carlson. He said "an emerging scientific consensus that we may be in for a period of global cooling caused not by greenhouse gases but by fluctuations in solar energy -- sun spots."
Understanding Snow Storms | Real Science
During years when there is little snow, experts tell us that global warming is the cause – and they lament the good old days when there used to be big snow storms.
During years when there are big snow storms like the ones they remember from their childhood, they are due to man-made climate disruption.

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