Thursday, November 14, 2013

Uh oh: Obama supporter Warren Buffett reveals Berkshire's $3 Billion Stake In Exxon Mobil

Buffett Reveals Berkshire's $3 Billion Stake In Exxon Mobil - Forbes
In a form 13-F filed Thursday afternoon, Buffett revealed Berkshire Hathaway owns 40,089,371 shares of the oil company, for an approximate value of more than $3.7 billion.
2012: Buffett: I Support Obama 100% | Fox Business Video

Warren Buffett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In addition to other political contributions over the years, Buffett has formally endorsed and made campaign contributions to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. On July 2, 2008, Buffett attended a $28,500 per plate fundraiser for Obama's campaign in Chicago hosted by Obama's National Finance Chair, Penny Pritzker and her husband, as well as Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.[100] Buffett backed Obama for president, and intimated that John McCain's views on social justice were so far from his own that McCain would need a "lobotomy" for Buffett to change his endorsement


Sean said...

Obama is the best thing that happened to Warren Buffett. Green policies keep the price of oil high and climate change regulations mandate use of natural gas. Exxon wins big both ways. Then lack of new pipelines for oil onto the rails and WB wins again. Talk about winning coming and going.

Unknown said...

Now - everybody in light of this information -- why would Obama issue executive orders to use EPA regulations that have the declared intention to close coal power generation plants?