Sunday, December 22, 2013


The Reference Frame: We received one billion dollars
The main reason why their propaganda doesn't work is that their claims are self-evidently ludicrous and most people, especially intelligent enough but ordinary people, simply are able to see through the fog.
- Bishop Hill blog - Brian Hoskins, then and now
The author team behind the submission was headed by Brian Hoskins, who has been quite vocal on the subject of climate models. Famously, he described them as "lousy" and "terrible" in an interview with the Economist in 2010.
Record-breaking snowfall in Calgary
More than 43 cm (17 inches) of snow has fallen during the month of December so far — the most in 112 years — with more snow expected overnight.
EPA ‘muzzled’ scientists that challenged their agenda | The Daily Caller
The Environmental Protection Agency silenced scientific advisers who expressed concerns over the agency’s proposed carbon dioxide emissions limits for coal-fired power plants, House Republicans claim.

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