Friday, December 20, 2013


Reddit gives up on debate, bans “deniers” and repositions as low traffic propaganda unit « JoNova
Here’s a wild idea, perhaps this debate is the hottest battleground in science because a religious theory about the climate has usurped real science, and thousands of scientists are rising up in protest? (If I’m right, the number of skeptics will be increasing and the tenor of the discussions will get more and more acrimonious. Oh look… UK poll suggests there are nearly five times as many skeptics as there were in 2005. Australian poll showed same trend. * I’m just sayin’…)
Canada’s new emissions rules on hold again, Harper says - The Globe and Mail
The long-promised federal regulations, most recently due this year, now need to be done “in concert with” the United States, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Global News in an interview. “So that’s what I’m hoping we’ll be able to do over the next couple of years,” he said.
How Cool Was That? - Climate Abyss
Try not to read too much about climate change into this, because these are mostly urban stations for which the urban heat island effect would have helped raise temperatures over time, or they are from stations that have moved around over time.
Watch OFA End Global Warming with a Single Tweet | National Review Online
Amazing. November was the warmest on record, but December is so cold you need a lumberjack onesie and cocoa.

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