Saturday, January 04, 2014


- Bishop Hill blog - Guardian: is totalitarianism the way forward?
Guardian Eco is, yet again, trying to set out its stall as the new home for totalitarianism in the international media, in an article questioning whether things would be a whole lot better if we didn't have freedom of the press any longer
Muzaffarnagar Muslims Freeze In Camps
With Rashida's death, the death toll in the relief camps reached 35.
Yakima Herald Republic | 16 dead as snow, severe cold pummel Midwest, East
BOSTON — Homeowners and motorists dug out across the white-blanketed Northeast on Friday as extreme cold ushered in by the storm threatened fingers and toes but kept the snow powdery and mercifully easy to shovel. At least 16 deaths were linked to the storm as it swept across the nation’s eastern half.
India - More deaths caused by the cold
31 Dec 2013 Dhaka (AsiaNews) – With the arrival of the first cold snap, at least 15 children have died in the northern districts of Bangladesh.
Three people killed by extreme cold in Pakistan

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