Friday, January 24, 2014

More from James Powell, who could find only one dissenting paper last year

Startling Number of Scientific Papers Disputed Human-Caused Global Warming Last Year - "If there really is solid, peer-reviewed scientific literature that proves human-caused fossil fuel emissions aren't the chief cause behind the global warming we've experienced over the past several decades, Powell says it's nearly impossible to find.

"If I knew sitting here talking to you, of some really significant piece of evidence that shows that global warming is wrong, I would rush out and write a paper and send that to a journal," Powell said.

"They would no doubt publish that paper and I would become famous," he added. "And I’d have my assistant talking to you, because I’d be too busy receiving accolades.""


Frank Walters said...

How would a skeptic get a paper published?

Only recently we saw a whole journal shut down because of one paragraph that cast doubt on the orthodox position.

I see similarities between AGW and mobilism and continental drift prior to the discovery of plate tectonics.

S. J. Gould wrote that at Harvard, the PhD candidates and post-docs could not openly discuss the theory of continental mobility and did so only on the back stairs.

For a term paper in the early 1960s I used vertical plate movement to do a geomorphological study of Saudi Arabia. I concealed the source of my inspiration because, although plate movements were known in the 1960's, you could mention them only in connection with vertical tilting of sub-continental blocks, not something as big as Saudi Arabia.

Reaction to continental drift in America:

References to continental drift in Science Magazine, 1923-1997:

Mobilism and continenatal drift:

Anonymous said...

I find the comments about continental drift astonishing. I well remember learning about it in geography at the age of 12 in the UK in the 1950s.