Thursday, March 06, 2014

Do we call them Nazis or not? | Pointman's

Do we call them Nazis or not? | Pointman's

"Roy Spencer, like a handful of other people besieged inside climate science, is a person I deeply admire. I do so because they like Mr FOIA have moral courage and that’s a lonely road to walk when you’re forever going up against all the big battalions. It would be so much easier for them, their careers and no doubt their families if they just shut up, gave up or submitted to the relentless intimidation. They don’t, they hang on in year after year and they take a lot of elective bullets for that integrity.
They are our true heroes.
History will be kind to them and it’ll be at the expense of their detractors, to adapt a very fitting quote. That day is not as far away as people might think."


Anonymous said...

What else would you call fascists who demonize their opposition?

Anonymous said...

I don't knnow about history. Probably depends on who writes the history books. They will probably say Dr. Spencer was a nut who believed nutty things with out a single mention that those nutty things turned out to be true. I think that is how the guy who attacked the south before the civil war was remembered. He was so against slavery he organized a malitia and attacked the south and was killed. He just went down in history as some nut.

Frank Walters said...

What does it matter what history thinks.

We have to speak out today about what we believe is right.

Beale said...

Robert Tracinski has written that Godwin's Law doesn't apply when you're dealing with actual totalitarians. I agree.