Thursday, April 02, 2015

Polar bears in good shape, Inuvialuit hunters say in study

Polar bears in good shape, Inuvialuit hunters say in study

Traditional knowledge has always shown there are more bears out there than scientists estimate, Pokiak told CBC News: "That's part of the traditional knowledge we wanted to collect." The study, published by the Wildlife Management Advisory Council, came from interviews with 75 hunters in all six Inuvialuit communities over a three-year period. It found traditional knowledge holders in the region say the bears are healthy and their population is stable.


DBeckerMichigan said...

It is easy to believe that individuals who live with the polar bears day in and day out all year know a lot more about the health of the population than even a good scientist who flies in for a few days every year. It is good news to hear that the bears are in good shape.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone think that a big city or ivory tower social scientist would deliver a valid number of polar bears given the Government awards for supporting AGW are so large and generous. The Governing bodies are the people corrupting the entire AGW movement. I see more in common with the growth of Nazism than with anything scientific.