Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Possums not fried [Update]
Professor Williams, director of James Cook University’s Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change, has since gone on ABC’s The World Today to find an unexpectedly sceptical welcome. Note how fast the claims collapse or become tentative when the most basic questions are[asked]...

ANNIE GUEST: Well therefore is it responsible to make these comments at this time, is it, could it be seen as premature?

STEPHEN WILLIAMS: Yeah well I guess that’s the danger in talking to the media, because my original comments essentially were that we were concerned we had made no claim that it had gone extinct ever. It is sort of irrelevant because it’s just as serious if it hasn’t gone extinct.

Raining on bureau’s parade | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
...Yes, we still have December to go, but my confidence isn’t high that these same people can accurately predict warming for the next 100 years. And a wake-up, please, to those who shouted that the rains would dry up, so why build a dam?

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