Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gore faces flak at Apple shareholder meeting

A peek inside Apple’s shareholders meeting? - Cupertino, CA
Gore is here.
12:54 idannyb: The BOD have taken seats
Gore and Andre Jung (Avon) + full Apple ex mgmt team (sans SJ) -TC, PO, jonny Ive, Ron J., Phil S.
1:05 Cheddarmuff: “I am not a crook ” Shelton is not a fan of al gore. Already some drama and comedy (cracking jokes about this being like the academy awards…board election)

1:08 idannyb: Environmental activist now railing about Apple environmental sustainability. Calling out Gore
Now talking about climate change.
Another environment activist took tv mike blasted Gore… Wants AAPL to get greener

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